For those of you already using us, below is the processing schedule for 2019/20.


Processing Schedule April 2019 to March 2020


Month Processing Date  Latest Date BACS Payment is Required Paydate
April Tuesday 9th Tuesday 23rd   Friday 26th
May Thursday 9th  Tuesday 21st    Tuesday 28th
June Monday 10th Monday 24th    Friday 28th
July Wednesday 10th Monday 22nd    Friday 26th
August Friday 9th Wednesday 21st Wednesday 28th
September Wednesday 11th Monday 23rd   Friday 27th
October Thursday 10th Tuesday 22nd Monday 28th
November Monday 11th   Friday 22nd Thursday 28th
December Wednesday 4th Wednesday 18th Monday 23rd  
January Thursday 9th Tuesday 21st Tuesday 28th
February Monday 10th Monday 24th   Friday 28th
March Tuesday 10th Monday 23rd   Friday 27th












Processing date: This is the final date that all payroll information must be received by, however we suggest you contact us if you have a problem meeting the deadline to agree an alternative date. Please note that if your information does arrive late or your payroll has to be re-produced there is a charge of £25.00 plus VAT per occasion.

Latest Date Payment is Required: This is the final date that CPS Ltd should receive your salary payment to cover your payroll. Please note that your payment must clear the CPS Ltd bank account 4 working days prior to pay day. Failure to adhere to this request will result in your salary payments being delayed. 

Payday: All salary payments should be credited to employee’s bank or building society accounts by the close of business on that day.

BACS Recall: In exceptional circumstances should you request any amendment to your payroll after we have submitted the BACS (usually three working days prior to pay day), there will be a charge of £40 plus VAT together with any charges that Barclays Bank impose.

Please Note: During holiday times please submit your payroll information and payment to CPS prior to your departure, along with a nominated contact name and telephone number in case of a query arising. If this is not possible please contact us to arrange a suitable alternative date.